Q: I have a herniated disc. Would this be a problem?

A: Once you have been medically cleared, you are welcome to join our programme. However, you may not be able to perform certain exercises.

Medical clearance is required in the case of medical conditions, such as scoliosis and herniated discs. Depending on the severity of your condition, our trainers would modify the exercises accordingly. However, this could have an impact on your results, since you may not be able to perform some the most effective exercises with the required level of intensity.

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Precision Fitness TT (PFTT) was established on March 5, 2012, with the objective of providing a personalised outdoor fitness training service in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our programme is suited to anyone who wishes to stay fit or get in shape. It is designed to develop the overall capabilities of your body by improving your muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, as well as your flexibility, coordination and balance.

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