Shin Splints Remedies

1) Ice both the shin & calves (2 mins icing, 1 min off). Repeat 3 - 4 times daily.

2) Stretch out the calves as much as possible.

3) Roll out:
i. Calves, using the stick
ii. Arches, using a softball

*Self roll outs can be done using a foam roller or a household item.

4) Do less impact workouts.

5) Use compression shin straps or compression sleeves


Ease the pain

Though it is considered incurable, it can be avoided and treated. There are ways to ease the pain.



Wear the correct shoes to training.

Proper footwear should also be worn to work, casual gatherings and other events. This would help to prevent injuries to the back, hip, knee, shin and ankle.

Examples of good training shoes  


Shin Splint can be caused by

i. Tight or fallen arches, tight achilles tendon, ankles leaning outwards, high arch, tight calve muscles

ii. Incorrect work or casual shoes (shoes with soles that are hard or can’t flex), incorrect training shoes, high heel shoes (wearing high heels all day, all week shrinks the muscle permanently by at least 13% which makes the muscle become weaker), shoes that are smaller than your shoe size

iii. Landing incorrectly when running or even walking, switching between hard & soft surfaces repeatedly


Injury along the shin bone

 It is an extremely uncomfortable injury along the shin bone. Shin splint is simply the shin's muscle separating itself from the shin bone.


Most common Injury

Shin splints are one of the most common injuries experienced by athletes during training.


Flex Bend and Twist

Before purchasing your sneakers, flex, bend and twist them to ensure that they are flexible. They should be able to revert after you twist them. 


Give your food time to digest

You should consume a small meal of approximately 600 calories, 2 - 3 hours before you workout. This would allow for the food to be digested and the nutrients to be absorbed into your blood.


EAT - but NOT imediately before you exercise

You would risk feeling sluggish and nauseated, and this could lead to vomiting


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